67% Increase in productivity And 32% increase in revenue made The customized CRM Solution a Success!

Comprint is a well-known brand in India. For the last ten years, they have been a pioneer in digital education, and for the previous 20 years, they have been a leader in video games and PlayStation game distribution with now having over 400 titles under their belt.


Comprint distributors were searching for a customised CRM that would help them run their
business more profitably and efficiently.

prospects had tripled from last year, and they noticed that
their support needed to be simpler and more efficient. Added to this was the
responsibility of tracking the interaction with them.

They couldn’t identify a prospect’s stage in a pipeline.

Simply put, the legacy solution was not enough for their

We needed to create
a distributor-centric CRM system that could support both sorts of partner

The Impact

  1. Sales reps became more proactive and opportunistic (rather than
    reactive order takers).

  2. Mapping  customer information  on mobile , allowed them to be more effective
    and productive.

  3.  Support included everything from ticketing system with escalation
    capabilities  answering inquiries about a
    shipment to documenting product issues. Having all this useful information
    available for all team members ensured that everyone was up to date.

  4. Using a pipeline to track prospects throughout the sales cycle,
    increased consumer value while also assisting comprint in achieving better

  5. Supply chain reports, were now possible to create and share between
    suppliers and customers. This benefited them in forming new client
    relationships, which led to new business.

  6. Order history  allowed sales
    agents to recommend customers most often requested items, up-sell products
    specifically customised for them, and determine the most popular products to
    specialise in.

  7. Sales reports made it simple to identify most
    common requests, client volume gaps and seasonality issues .Their staff was
    able to stay on the same page, function as a unit, and give superior customer support.




‘We sat down and explained our requirements. In each case,

they stated that they could assist us in achieving our objectives.

“Running so many workstreams manually for operations
and sales took up roughly a quarter of my week, or about a full day,”
sathyam explains’.

‘I’d like to share my satisfaction with the progress of our
customer relationship management solution , even before beginning development,
Bizzmark performed an excellent job of researching several possible solutions.’

‘We are extremely pleased with the solution offered to us,
which saves us 2 hours of labour every day, reduces a great deal of confusion
between the team , and automates the tracking and collection of customer data.’

Satyam gujja


With improved data insight & analytics, 63 percent of marketing was optimized, resulting in a 39 percent increase in sales. Making the customized CRM a Success!

Our client Naukarhub, started with the purpose of making everyday life easier for their customers by creating a qualified cleaning service providers platform for the city of Hyderabad and surrounding areas with top-notch home cleaning services.

The Challenge

When Naukarhub launched a joint venture with national home service providers to achieve traction in the professional home services business, they needed a CRM platform to automate their sales, marketing, and customer service activities. Naukarhub wanted to reduce time-consuming tasks and conclude sales faster by streamlining business processes and aligning their teams and processes around a single source. The requirements were to Create personalised real-time data dashboards, secure and connect all tools, and customise views and workflows depending on their company needs and user preferences. “Our demands were unique, and finding the right CRM system was crucial, so we decided to customise the open-source CRM solution.” says Prabhakar

The team were gathering and maintaining customer data, assigning staff, and keeping track of projects in an inconsistent manner across the department, utilising Legacy Systems, and spreadsheets, with limited visibility into the customers’ data.

“A big concern was the lack of customer journey and resource tracking,” says Prabhakar.

‘Because we didn’t have a system in place to track customer status, customer cycle management and service tracking were carried out in a most haphazard manner’.

Our Solution

The customized open-source CRM, on the other hand, was able to solve all these problems and become the centre of Naukarhub’s customer service process.

Prabhakar and his team decided to go all-in after meeting with us and seeing how they could get even more out of the open-source platform than they had anticipated.

“We were able to track website visitors on our current CMS utilizing the tracking pixel almost immediately after we started working with Bizzmark.” The information was then utilized to create focused calls-to-action, forms, and workflows that would generate qualified leads.

We also put up chatbots to respond to frequently asked questions from visitors. Chatbots saved the team hours each day, allowing them to take more calls and work on more difficult tasks.

An essential feature Helpdesk, helps the Naukarhub customer care team to prioritize its most important duties and track all customer inquiries in one place, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This gives Naukarhub with the analytics it needs to make smarter, data-driven decisions and helps create a seamless experience for every customer, whether they require support by phone, email, or live chat.

We developed sequences and templates, allowing Naukarhub sales staff to send personalized, automated emails to their prospects, allowing them to deliver relevant information to each lead based on their sales cycle.

‘One of the most useful CRM tools was the configurable reporting dashboards. These reports assist us in strengthening our sales and marketing campaigns as well as making more informed, data-driven business decisions.’

The Result

Our team now has the data-driven analytics it needs to optimize its actions and make better decisions.

Customer care representatives have access to all the customer’s information, ensuring that they do not ask questions that have already been asked. As a result, they can form long-term relationships with their customers,”

The Impact

1. Workflows

The efficiencies produced by this freed up bandwidth by linking workflows to jobs, allowing the team to provide rapid, personalized service.

2. Automation that can be programmed

To stay efficient as they grew, Naukarhub used programmable automation to automate the most advanced business operations.

3. A single CRM system of record

The success of Naukarhub was facilitated by having a single database for sales, marketing, and customer service.

It provided every team member with 360-degree view into leads and customers, allowing them to provide excellent service and collaborate across departments to answer inquiries and address issues.

The customized CRM has considerably aided the company’s customer support team, which now handles over 300 calls and 100 tickets every day.

In just 6 months after switching to the new CRM, Naukarhub grew from 1000 to 100000 customers in Hyderabad.


‘Since implementing the customized CRM, Naukarhub has increased efficiency companywide by 63%. “Our sales process is smoother quote. With automated leads tracking and streamlined processes, we have seen increase in sales. We are now seeing a quicker turn-around time on each sales cycle’.

Prabhakar, (founder) 

Heavy Vehicle Check-Up

Amazing Return on Investment, saving the business over 48800 INR Per Month

Heavy Vehicle check-up is a mobile application designed to meet the needs of businesses using heavy vehicles,. The cloud-based management solution was designed by bizzmark to respond to efficiently manage the fleet. It is ideal for businesses like transport operators and logistics businesses.

The Challenge

Operating vehicles and machinery are a safety critical activity, and failure to effectively protect employees from injury from poor maintenance is a serious concern for Legal costs, business viability and status . Businesses that focus on ensuring equipment maintenance and in good working order. There cannot be a chance of crosscuts and missed repairs.


Most businesses know the importance and benefits of regular checkups, many rely on paper-based systems to keep track of maintenance records.
Manual records are prone to mistakes, errors and missed safety checks. They are expensive to manage and maintain because of the man hours involved in recording information, transferring data, and managing those records.

Our Solution

Heavy Vehicle checkup helps businesses maintain digital records of equipment and track maintenance lifecycle information, from start to end with inspection and repair details.
All data is securely stored on a cloud-based platform allowing information to be accessed anywhere, anytime.
reminders ensure that critical inspections and safety checks are never overlooked
Repairs are recorded with details of parts used, images of repairs and the repair procedures inspection, maintenance, and repair records can quickly be accessed using barcode scanners and ensure everything is up to date
Effective maintenance increases the reliability of the company depreciation of assets reduces and increases resale value.

The Impact

Businesses with more than 50 Heavy Vehicle Inspections, administration costs for operating a paper-based system are approximately 68000 INR our app would cost just 19200 INR That is an amazing Return on Investment, saving the business over 48800 INR.