Our first product to hit the market was the SmartPoints mobile app.

We make your shopping more rewarding!

Smartpoints is the smartest and fastest way to earn and redeem your rewards in all your stores you love to visit again and again. No cards, No registration, No internet. Just shop and redeem rewards instantly. Manage all your rewards in a single app to enjoy huge offers. Always be connected with your favourite stores and know the latest updates, offers and discounts. Discover Rewards on the go with us

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customers may now take advantage of more incentives than ever before thanks to SmartPoints. The advantages are numerous, and the simplicity with which it operates is astounding. Shopping is more rewarding when you use SmartPoints.


Proprietary loyalty program

Small businesses can now easily start their own loyalty programme. design their own points system, as well as set their own redemption policies. Easy to use
Manage listings, offers, prizes, menus, and all other details from a simple interface that doesn’t require any additional training or staff. Increase Sales
By simply rewarding customers for their loyalty, a digital loyalty programme has been shown to increase and attract new customers. Delight your consumers and turn a one-time visit into a long-term relationship.

Valuable customer insights

Our user-friendly mobile dashboard allows you to keep track and analyse your customers activities. Simply outsource your entire loyalty management programme and reap the advantages.

Secure with instant validation

It’s quite safe, and you can use our app to instantly verify all your points. Target your best customer
Send segmented and targeted consumers emails, SMS messages, and push notifications. You’ll have complete access to your customer database.

valuable customer feedback

Receiving timely and accurate feedback on your services allows you to pinpoint areas that need to be improved. This aids in the enhancement of your brand’s image, service standards.

Are you a business owner?

Learn how a simple smart solution can help you get more repeat customers. Technology has finally called time on old paper loyalty cards; Smart businesses are choosing Smartpoints. A Smarter Way to Gain & Retain Customers.